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In two groundbreaking books, "100 Women Artists" and "100 Black Artists," the Los Angeles artist LG Williams presents a new and innovative solution to the perplexing global issues of evaluating artists based on their gender and race rather than their artworks' inherent quality and merit. With boldness and intellectual insight, Williams unveils a transformative approach that challenges the existing norms, offering a path toward dismantling gender-based and race-based obstacles in the art world.

PCP Press invites you to join us on this transformative journey by exploring "100 Women Artists" and "100 Black Artists." By embracing these visionary publications, we have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, challenge our perspectives, and foster positive change within the contemporary visual arts community.

100 Women Artists by LG Williams   100 Black Artists by LG Williams
100 Women Artists   100 Black Artists
LG Williams: Artforum, Feb 2022
  LG Williams: Artforum, Sept 2021
The KKK Took My Ozarks Away   We Are The Champions
All That Is Possible by LG Williams   A Flaw In The Model by LG Williams
All That Is Possible   A Flaw In The Model
The Transversality of Gregory de la Haba: The Future of Art & Myth are Upon Us by Bryan Reynolds   Excess & Joy: Philosophical Transversations by Bryan Reynolds & Guy Zimmerman
The Transversality of
Gregory de la Haba
  Excess & Joy: Philosophical
Recent News

Erik David Gallery & LG Williams in The Brooklyn Rail Magazine, 4/2023

New Collaborative Lithograph by LG Williams,
Charlie Colin, and Francesco Siqueiros @ Felix Art Fair — 2/2023

LG Williams Appears in Artforum — 2/2023

Erik David Gallery Announces Global Representation Of LG Williams — 1/2023

Erik David Gallery & LG Williams Appear In
The Brooklyn Rail Magazine — 12/2022

PCP Press Appears In Artforum Magazine — 12/2022

LG Williams Appears In Voyage LA Magazine — 11/2022

LG Williams Appears In Artforum Magazine — 9/2022

LG Williams Appears in Artforum Magazine — 2/2022

Academy of Art University Announces Award-Winning Artist
LG Williams as Endowed University Instructor — 12/2021

Dave Hickey RIP / Wasted Words & Dust Bunnies (PCP Press):
New York Times, Dave Hickey, Iconoclastic Art Critic
Dies at 82, Clay Risen — 11/2021

LG Williams Appears in Artforum Magazine — 9/2021

'Almost Fellini' at The Felix Art Fair — 7/2021

3 New Raymond Pettibon Twitter Compilations — 5/2021

ShoutOut LA: Interview with LG Williams — 4/2021

Wally Hedrick Uninfluencer: A Review of Wayne Thiebaud Influencer
at Manetti Shrem Museum of Art -- 4/2021

It’s Better To Be Mediocre — 2/2021

LG Williams Appointed As The Robert Hughes
Distinguished Visual Artist-In-Residence — 11/2019

LG Williams And PCP Press @ Acid-Free II
At Blum And Poe Los Angeles — 11/2019

Voyage LA Magazine: LG Williams Hollywood Hidden Gem — 6/2019

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