Founded in 1995 by artist Grizz Carley, PCP Press is one of the few truly great independent art book publishers in the United States. This press is known and respected across the enlightened world for its commitment to innovative and progressive ideas, and its resistance to forces of conservatism and censorship.

Although it has been more than twenty years since tour buses loaded with passengers eager to sight “crackheads” began pulling up in front of PCP Press in Berkeley, CA, the ‘crackhead’ legacy of anti-authoritarian politics and insurgent thinking continues to be a strong PCP influence, most evident in our selection of artists and titles.

One of the nation’s first fully-digital publishers, PCP Press has expanded several times over the years; we now offer both new-release hardcovers and quality paperbacks, along with an impressive range of niche market titles by America’s leading artists and authors.

PCP features an extensive yet in-depth selection of poetry, fiction, translations, politics, art history, philosophy, music, women’s spirituality, and more. The wide ranging interests of our editorial staff contribute to the hand-picked quality of what you see and read.

The original PCP Press masthead back in ’95 stated: ‘A Literary Meeting Place For The World’s Avant-Garde.’ But we have since changed that to something else: at this point we just want to cash-in and retire to the South of France. In 1995, PCP Press with the now-famous Drawing Upon Art Workbook, has gone on to publish a wide range of titles, both poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction, international and local titles. Today, PCP Press has well over a sixty titles in print, with a dozen new titles being added each year.